Course Description

What comes to mind when you think of the term Earned Value?

For many people aspiring to earn their Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, it invokes fear and loathing! Perhaps you have hands-on experience with Earned Value so you already understand the concepts. But for many, it's an area of the Project Cost Management Knowledge Area that is intimidating, with complex formulas and definitions that seem to be an obstacle to passing the PMP® exam.

That's why I created this series of e-learning offerings: to make it easier for you to study and earn your PMP® certification.

In this e-learning offering, you'll learn exactly what you need to know about Earned Value for your PMP® certification.

This e-learning program will explain EXACTLY:

  • The formulas you need to memorize for the exam. And special hints to make it easier for anyone to memorize the formulas!
  • What each earned value component is and how it helps a project manager more reliably deliver the project.
  • How to better answer the question, "How is your project going?"
  • How to more confidently forecast project costs.

By the way, this e-learning counts as .75 contact hours if you are applying for your PMP®. If you are a certified PMP® this program qualifies for .75 Education PDU's (Technical Project Management).

"PMI", "Project Management Professional", and PMP" are trademarks, service marks or certification marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc., which is registered in the United States and other nations.

Andy Kaufman

Andy has worked with leaders on every continent, except for Antarctica (still working on that one!). He has taught this course for administrative professionals around the world and can't wait to share the learning with you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Earned Value?

    • Welcome!

    • Planned Value (PV) and Earned Value (EV)

  • 2

    Indexes and Variances

    • Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Schedule Variance (SV)

    • Actual Cost (AC), Cost Performance Index (CPI), Cost Variance (CV), and Cumulative CPI and SPI

  • 3


    • Estimate at Completion (EAC), Estimate to Complete (ETC), and Variance at Completion (VAC)

    • To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI)

  • 4


    • Earned Value Example

    • Earned Value Prezi (Optional)

    • Earned Value Formulas

    • Earned Value Simulation

    • Earned Value Quiz

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