Course Description

As a seasoned administrative assistant, are you looking for ways to revitalize your work and find a fresh perspective on all that has to be done? Or, are you a new administrative assistant looking for practical ways to start your position in the best possible way? This program will provide you the fundamental tools required for you to be successful.

The program is an instructor-led online course to help administrative professionals deliver results in the real world. You will gather online with other assistants for a series of two-hour, highly interactive sessions. By participating online, you minimize your time away from the office.

practical project management trainingadmin assistant training I had a lot of apprehensions before the start of the course since it was offered online. But once the session started I was thrilled; not only was the group fantastic but the course instructor was very interesting, captivating and motivating. During the course, I already implemented the different procedures/processes learned each week, which has helped to improve my organization, clearly identifying and setting out priorities as well as better time management. Taking this course was really good and also informative as times have changed and new methods of management are being used. It has only reinforced my desire to seek regular training.

What You Will Learn

This interactive course will address:

  • Communications skills, including listening, questioning and being more assertive.
  • How to increase your effectiveness in recognizing and managing conflict, as well as dealing with difficult people.
  • How to influence others even when you don't have authority over them.
  • How your personality style works to your favor (and might work against you).
  • A five-step model for getting things done with less stress.
  • Easy-to-use templates and tools to successfully deliver projects.
  • Practical approaches to juggle all that's on your plate.

This class qualifies for Professional Development recertification points for Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) credential holders, with coverage of these domains:

  • Domain 1: Organizational Communication
  • Domain 4: Office and Records Management
  • Domain 5: Event and Project Management

Who is this Course Designed For?

Administrative professionals in any industry, including administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, event planners, and receptionists. We will have administrative professionals from around the world joining us for the program.

practical project management trainingadmin assistant training I would recommend it to all office assistants not only admin. The knowledge and tools given are very helpful to all staff who would like to be successful and efficient in their positions.

About the Classes

The Spring 2021 classes will be from 2:00pm-4:00pm Central (in the US) on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 20 April,  
  • Wednesday, 28 April 
  • Wednesday,  5 May 
  • Wednesday, 12 May 
  • Thursday, 20 May

You will join the class from work, home, or anywhere you have a browser that can connect to the Internet. The classes will be facilitated live by Andy Kaufman. The visual portion of the presentations will be seen in your browser. You will hear the audio portion through your computer's speakers or, if possible, a headset (even an iPhone headset can work great).

What If You Have a Scheduling Conflict?

Certainly the greatest value will come from actively participating in the session when it is live. However, each class will be recorded, allowing you to catch up if you have to miss a class.

Options for Enrolling

Ready to join us? You can enroll by clicking the Buy button below. Or, if you prefer, we can invoice your company for payment. Email us at [email protected] with any questions about this.

Join us for this year's program! I look forward to working with you!

Andy Kaufman

Andy has worked with leaders on every continent, except for Antarctica (still working on that one!). He has taught this course for administrative professionals around the world and can't wait to share the learning with you!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Overview of the Program

    • What To Do Now?

    • Introduce Yourself!

    • Program Bibliography: Additional Resources to Further Your Learning

  • 2

    Session 1: Relationships and Styles

    • (Before the Webinar) People Styles Questionnaire

    • (Before the Webinar) Network Audit Exercise

    • (Before the Webinar) Discussion: What are some practical things you do to create and maintain relationships?

    • Webinar: Tuesday, 20 April

    • (After the Webinar) Discussion and Assignment: People Styles

    • Summary of Assignments

    • (After the Webinar) Your Feedback

    • (After the Webinar) Your Relationship-Building Strategies

  • 3

    Session 2: How to Successfully Deliver Projects

    • (Before the Webinar) About Your Projects

    • Project Planning Template

    • Webinar: Wednesday, April 28

    • (After the Webinar) Video of How to Use the Sticky Note Technique to Plan Project Tasks

    • (After the Webinar) "Finger tapping" exercise

    • (After the Webinar) Discussion: Questions about the Project Planning Template or Process

    • (After the Webinar) Assignment: Use the Project Planning Template on a Project

    • (After the Webinar) Learn more about Miro

    • (After the Webinar) Demo of XMind

    • (After the Webinar) Demo of Trello

    • Additional Resource: Summary of the 5 Step Model

  • 4

    Session 3: Managing Your Time and Commitments

    • (Before the Webinar) Lessons Learned about Managing Your Time and Commitments

    • (Before the Webinar) Alignment Exercise

    • Webinar: Wednesday, 5 May

    • (After the Webinar) Observations from the Alignment Exercise

    • (After the Webinar) Ideas for How to Say 'No' Without Saying 'No'

    • (After the Webinar) Questions about the Strategies

    • (After the Webinar) Assignment: Take the 60-Second Challenge

    • (After the Webinar, Optional) Interview with Nir Eyal about his book Indistractable

  • 5

    Session 4: Influence Skills for Administrative Assistants

    • (Before the Webinar) Lessons Learned About Influencing Others

    • Webinar: Wednesday, May 12

    • (After the Webinar) Assignment: Influence Techniques in Action

    • (After the Webinar, Optional) Interview with Robert Cialdini

    • (After the Webinar, Optional) Interview with Tim David

  • 6

    Session 5: Managing Conflict and Stress

    • (Before the Webinar) Discussion: Lessons Learned about Conflict and Stress

    • Webinar: Thursday, 20 May

    • (After the Webinar) Assignment: Watch for the Conflict Styles Being Used

    • (After the Webinar, Optional) Interview with authors of Work Without Stress

    • (After the Webinar, Optional) Stress video

  • 7


    • Assignment: Your Personal Action Plan

    • Your Feedback About the Program


5 star rating

Valuable lessons

Cindy Traylor

Andy K. is an exciting and stimulating speaker and teacher. From assessing people styles to planning a project, this course provides great instruction and d...

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Andy K. is an exciting and stimulating speaker and teacher. From assessing people styles to planning a project, this course provides great instruction and details to a rather tedious process. I enjoyed taking this course, which was easy to maneuver and maintain. I would recommend this course to any administrator.

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5 star rating

Natalie Schmidt

5 star rating

Great on-line course

Betty Melton

This class is more than I expected from an on-line course. The instructor was full of energy, enthusiastic and made sure everyone had a change to join in on ...

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This class is more than I expected from an on-line course. The instructor was full of energy, enthusiastic and made sure everyone had a change to join in on the chat sessions. This class is not just for administrative assistant but anyone who works in an office setting. It was great to learn different was to work with different types personalities from communication styles to listening styles. The project management session is terrific from organization to to the project planning form. One of the best take away's from this class for me personally was learning how not to be afraid to speak up in meetings. I would differently recommend this program. I'm planning on attending more of Mr. Kaufman's classes.

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