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You've heard it before, right? "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

I don't know about you but that always bugged me! It just doesn't seem fair. What we know needs to matter... and in fact it does. However, who you know can matter, at least in some circumstances, even more.

The dirty little secret of business is that it's all done on relationships.

Your success, my success, and the success of your team and those you care for will be enormously influenced by relationships that are built.

I have the privilege of helping people all over the world improve their ability to deliver projects and lead teams. I've worked with professionals on every continent (except Antarctica--still working on that!). Here's what I've found: people know they need to do more relationship-building but they just aren't doing it (or enough of it).

That's why I created The Dirty Little Secret of Business. This wildly popular keynote is now available in an e-learning format. Whether you login from work or home, you will get practical insights to help you take a huge step towards the career success you desire.

Who is this Course Designed For?

Project managers, project leads, business analysts, team leaders, project team members, and stakeholders. We've had salespeople, administrative assistants, engineers, and more take this workshop and learn how to better manage conflict.

Bottom-line: If you work with people, this course is for you.

What You Will Learn

This e-learning program will explain:

  • Practical relationship-building strategies that can be used even if you feel you didn't get the "people gene!" (introverts and extroverts can both benefit!)
  • Scientifically proven techniques to improve your ability to influence people (even when you don't have authority over them)
  • What networking is--and isn't--and why the difference matters
  • Which relationships are most critical to your success (and which ones you need to seriously consider spending less time with)
  • How to change the way you are perceived by others
  • How to develop a relationship-building strategy (I'll even show you mine! You can use it as-is or adapt it to your own needs)
  • How to use social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get maximum benefit with minimal effort.
  • Qualify for 1.5 PDUs for project managers with Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

I’ve been attending seminars with our company for 22 years now and Andy Kaufman is, by far, better than all the speakers combined over that time span. You hit a homerun with this guy!

Workshop participant

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Andy Kaufman

Andy has worked with leaders on every continent, except for Antarctica (still working on that one!). He has taught this course for administrative professionals around the world and can't wait to share the learning with you!

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    • The Dirty Little Secret of Business: It's All Done on Relationships