Deadlines Shouldn't Be Stressful

Without the practical skills your student needs to manage tasks and get stuff done, it's going to cost them...

• They'll face unnecessary stress and anxiety

• They'll procrastinate more  
• They'll feel knowledgeable but unproductive • They'll question if they're ready for college and the workforce

• They'll wonder if school actually matters 

• They'll miss out on future job opportunities

Students don't have to wait till college to find their groove. Get access to our e-learning course and give your student everything they need to become an ultra-competent student and future professional who doesn't just talk about getting stuff done -- they'll actually know how to run a project from start to finish.


Course Access Gives Your Student Everything They Need to Successfully Manage Tasks On Their Own

  • 4-Question Framework

    Students learn a framework that will help guide them through almost any tasks or projects they are responsible for now or in the future.

  • I-LEAD Student Certification

    After course completion, students have the option to take the I-LEAD Student Certification Exam.

  • Access to Exclusive Community

    They'll also get access to exclusive content from the course trainers by joining the Getting Stuff Done Community.

Here's Your Fast Track to Gaining Access!

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  • 2. Master task management. We'll teach you a proven framework to help you get stuff done faster and with less stress.

  • 3. Get certified and apply the learning.

Who is this Course Designed For?

This program is specifically made for students to teach them the personal and professional skills you know will make a difference for them in college and beyond. In the course, we will help your student improve their organizational skills, take ownership of their time, collaborate well with others, and implement processes that allow them to get things done faster and with less stress.


What Your Student Will Learn

By the end of this e-learning program, your student will be able to:

  • Successfully run a real-world project from start to finish!
  • Describe key project management principles and apply them to personal tasks.
  • Identify factors that lead to task success (and failure).
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Implement techniques to influence stakeholders, even when they don’t have authority over them.
  • Clarify and prioritize the tasks that matter most to them.
  • Apply a structured approach to sequence their studies, personal goals, and responsibilities.
  • Successfully manage changes that inevitably occur when meeting deadlines.
  • Describe how to draw out lessons learned at the end of a task.

Curriculum Overview

  • 1

    Before You Begin

    • Welcome!

    • What's something that can make it difficult to get stuff done?

    • Introduction to the Training

    • Teaser: Rolling Wave Planning

    • Student Workbook to download

  • 2

    Week 1

    • Introduction to Why

    • Your Turn! What do you think happened next?

    • Why Is Why So Important?

    • What is a potential downside of getting the new elevator?

    • Solve the Right Problem By Asking Why

    • Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    • (SOW) Statement of Work

    • Introducing the Project Charter

    • How Do You Know, In Practical Terms, If Your Project Is Considered a Success?

    • Project Charter Part 2

    • What is an unintended consequence?

    • Project Charter Part 3

    • Project Charter Part 4

    • Example of a Project Charter

    • Your Turn: Create a Charter Form!

    • How Did It Go?

    • Your Personal Why

    • What's Your Personal Why?

    • Week One Quiz!

    • Finishing Week One: Discussion

    • Feedback Survey!

Students Deserve Learning They Can Actually Use

No more staying up till 2am trying to meet a deadline. Invest in your student's future today!