Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Andy

    • How to navigate this course

    • Welcome Message from PMeLa

    • Before we begin...

  • 2


    • About the Lessons

    • Impressions about Current AI tools

    • What We're Not Going To Cover

    • Premise for this Course

    • Metaphor for AI

    • Important to Keep In Mind

    • Overview of The Program

    • Three Recommendations to Get the Most Out of the Learning

  • 3

    Introduction to the Tools

    • Tools We're Focusing On in This Course

    • ChatGPT

    • Bing Chat / Copilot

    • Google Bard

    • Claude

    • Ask Each Tool to Introduce Itself

  • 4

    Introduction to Prompts

    • Prompt Basics

    • Prompt Engineering

    • Initial Exercise: Planning a Child's Birthday Party

    • What If The AI Response Seems to Stop Prematurely?

    • Starting Your Own Prompt Notebook

    • Getting Better Results by Giving Examples

    • Some Surprising Research Findings to Maximize Your Prompts

    • Take Some Time to Experiment

    • Initial Thoughts and Questions?

  • 5

    Your Personal Writing Assistant

    • Overview

    • Demonstration: Analyzing the Tone of Your Writing

    • Your Turn! Let's Analyze the Tone of Your Writing

    • Options for Style and Tone

    • Demonstration: Proofreading and Editing Help

    • Your Turn! Proofreading and Editing Help

    • Additional Perspective on Proofreading

    • What Adam Grant Told Me About How He Used AI Recently

    • Advice for Responding to a Text Message (And an Introduction to Placeholders)

    • Summarizing an Email Message (or Just About Anything)

    • Response to a Question

    • ChatGPT Custom Instructions

    • Wrap-Up for This Chapter

  • 6

    Your Personal Project Management Assistant

    • Drafting a Project Charter

    • Identifying Tasks

    • Managing Risks

    • Emailing the Team

    • Demonstration: Conflict with a Stakeholder

    • Your Turn! Conflict with a Stakeholder

    • Demonstration: Help Developing a Presentation

    • Your Turn! Help Developing a Presentation

    • Demonstration: Extracting Names from a Log File

    • Your Turn! Extracting Names from a Log File

    • PMI Project Infinity

    • Wrap-Up for This Chapter

  • 7

    Your Personal Executive Coach

    • Brainstorming Ideas

    • Guiding You Through a Decision

    • Benefits and Drawbacks

    • Getting Critical Feedback from Famous People

    • Guided Visualization

    • Wrap-Up for This Chapter

  • 8

    Your Personal Learning Assistant

    • Provide a Book Summary

    • Your Turn! Provide a Book Summary

    • Explain a Topic

    • Explanation with Analogies

    • Find Inspiring Quotes on Any Topic

    • Help With Excel (or any other tool)

    • Summarize a YouTube Video

    • What I Need to Know Before Traveling to a Different Country

    • What To Do While Traveling

    • Real-Time Travel Information

    • Wrap-Up for This Chapter

  • 9

    Your Personal Graphic Artist

    • What is Generative AI Art?

    • Business Applications of Generative AI Art

    • Tools and Prompts

    • Other Tools

    • Interpreting Images

    • Wrap-Up for This Chapter

  • 10

    Advanced Resources

    • Introduction to the Advanced Resources

    • The Perfect Prompt Creator

    • Plugins (Or, How to Have AI Do Your Grocery Shopping for You!)

    • Additional Features in ChatGPT

    • But What About Our Company Data?

    • Windows Copilot

    • Embedding AI Into Other Common Applications

    • AI Voice (Voiceovers, Transcriptions, and Dubbing)

    • No Code Automation:

    • Other Chatbots to Keep Your Eyes On

    • Mobile Apps for Your Favorite Chatbots

    • What's Next?

    • (Optional) Introduction to LLM's

  • 11

    Curated Prompt Pack for Leaders

    • About Your Curated Prompt Pack

    • Curated Prompt Pack for Leaders

  • 12

    Program Wrap Up

    • Are we just Stochastic Parrots?

    • How to Download Your Certificate of Completion & Report PDUs

    • Congratulations! Next Steps from Here